1. Eat-Clean Betches. This is the hottest thing since gluten free sliced bread. So go download this fucking e-book.


  2. Don’t be a stupid #betch and eat fucking shit ass food. The Eat-Clean Diet is the diet for life. Fucking duh.

  3. eatcleanbetch eat your goddam greens. It’s not effing rocket science. Greens = a hot, healthy glow. Duh #betch

  4. Fit betches, do you want a great ass that looks amazeballs in short-shorts? Do Tosca Reno’s Summer Reset Hundreds Circuit. Don’t effing complain that it’s too hard, you lazy-ass betch. Get off the couch and do this shit.

  5. Gwyneth Paltrow is a fucking annoying celebrity betch. But at least she wants you to Eat-Clean and can get the goddam word out there. Plus this betch is hot. So fucking Eat-Clean. Duh betch.

  6. Don’t be a stupid betch who says they can’t.

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  7. Recite and practice the 10 Commandments of Eating Clean everyday. The results will speak for themselves. You betch.

  8. Drinking water is no friggin secret. It will make you glow like the effing sun. Your skin will be perfection. Your brain will work at top speed. Eat a freakin clean diet and drink water and you’ll be an absolutely goddess. You betch.

  9. Want to be fucking hot? Follow the Eat-Clean Diet. Duh betch.

  10. Tosca Reno is a fucking inspirational betch!!! She makes 20-somethings who don’t eat-clean diets and train look like fugly-ass betches. Fuck that shit. Get in the gym and make a goddam green shake.